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Geraldine's Lounge

Welcome to The Lounge

 A Rat Pack era atmosphere of classic nostalgia.   



The Bar Dinner Menu

 Available when the bar opens at 4



Live music

Wednesday - Saturday 6:30 - 9:30

Lounge Dinner Menu

Pickle Plate 9


Rosemary Steak Fries 11


Classic French Onion 10


House Gorgonzola Chips 11


Small Charcuterie 9


Sliced Steak 18


Lamb Chop Lollipop 18


DEJ Burger 18

Oyster Trio 10

Lounge Dinner Menu
For the Little Ones

For the Little Ones

Beef Burger 4oz 8


Grilled Chicken tenders 4oz 9


Buttered Parmesan Noodles 8


Filet of Tenderloin 4oz 16


All served with Buttery Mashed Potatoes & Vegetables & a scoop of sorbet

Geraldine's Cocktails

The Geraldine Ann 15

Empress 1908 Gin-Aromatic Bitters-Fever Tree Tonic-Lime Wheel


Hemmingway Daiquiri 11

Flor de Cana Seco-maraschino liqueur-

lime & grapefruit squeeze-lime wheel


Sazerac 13

Templeton rye Whiskey-House simple syrup-

Peychaud’s Bitters-St George Absinthe Rinse-

Lemon zest


Manhattan 11

Maker’s Mark-vermouth-

House candied Bing cherry


Old Fashioned 12

Makers Mark-House simple syrup-Bitters-

Orange Peel-House Candied Bing cherry


Sidecar 12

Hine Cognac-luxardo triplum-Lemon Juice


Moscow Mule 10

Wheatly vodka-Ginger beer-Lime wedge


The Russian 9

Stoli vodka-Kahlua-cream


Boom-Boom Punch 12

Appleton Rum-Champagne-sweet vermouth-

Orange squeeze


Chicago Cocktail $14

Courvoisier VSOP-Grand Marnier-Bitters-

Powdered sugar-Lemon twist


Martinez 11

Tanqueray-sweet vermouth-Maraschino Liqueur-Orange Bitters-Orange Peel


Clover Club 14

Bombay Sapphire-Sweet vermouth-Raspberry essence-Lemon squeeze-Egg white froth


Cable Car $11

Pyrat rum-Orange Curacao-Lemon juice-


Empress 1908

Gin & Tonic

Introducing the Original, All-natural,Color-changing Gin.

Empress 1908 Original Indigo Gin is 100% authentic and all-natural. It’s infused with the vibrantly tinted butterfly pea blossom, adding a singularly distinct expression - an impossibly lush and vivid indigo blue, with a stunning secret to reveal; with the addition of citrus or tonic, Empress 1908 is transformed from its breathtaking indigo to a soft pink.


The Jeri Martini 16

Plymouth Gin-Dry vermouth-Olive Bitters

Rosemary Sprig-Olive Juice-Bleu Cheese Olive


Yogi Martini 15

Absolute Elyx Vodka-Dry Vermouth-

Filthy Olive-Cocktail Onion


Ian Fleming 13

Beefeater Gin-Dry vermouth-Lemon Twist


Chocolate Martini 15

Stoli Vodka-Godiva white & dark-Baily’s


Cosmopolitan 13

Absolut Citron-Rose’s lime-Cranberry squeeze

lime wheel


French Martini 15

Grey Goose vodka-Chambord-Lemon twist


Pink Lady 16

Absolut Elyx Vodka-Champagne-

Cranberry splash-Raspberry

The Vesper Lynd 13

St. George Botanivoire Gin-Wheatly vodka-

Tempus Fugit Kina D’or-Lemon zest

French 75 13

Prosecco-Junipero Gin-Lemon Juice-

House simple syrup-Lemon zest


Martinez 11

Tanqueray-sweet vermouth-Maraschino Liqueur
Orange Bitters-Orange Peel


Fly by Night 13

Grey Goose-Kahlua-Espresso Drip-Pinch Fleur de Sel

3 Coffee beans


A timeless classic

The Cosmopolitan 

Absolut Citron

Rose’s lime


squeeze lime wheel

Fine Scotch


Balvenie 17yr $27


Balvenie Double wood 12yr $17


Cutty Sark $7


Dewars $8

Dalwhinnie 15yr $TBD


The Glenlivet 12yr $15


The Glenlivet 15yr $18


The Glenlivet 21yr $32


Glenmorangie 10yr $14


J & B $8


Johnny Walker Black $13


Johnny Walker Red $10


Lagavulin 16yr $21


Laphroig 10yr $15


Macallan 12yr $16


Macallan 21yr $55


Oban 18yr $43


Oban 14ye $20


Talisker 10yr $16

Fine Scotch
Anchor 6
Fine Bourbon
Anchor 5

Fine Bourbon

Backbone Rye $11

Baker's $15


Basil Hayden $13

Blanton’s $16

Booker’s $16

Buffalo Trace $7

Bulleit 10 year $16

Bulleit Rye $11

Eagle Rare $11

EH Taylor  $13

 Four Roses 130 $40

Four Roses Single Barrel $10

Jim Beam $7

Knob Creek $11

Makers Mark $8

Old Forester 1920 prohibition $16

Southwell 12 $22

Templeton Rye $9

Woodford Reserve $10

Congac et al


Baardseth XO $18

Benedictine & Brandy $13

Courvoisier VS $10


Courvoisier VSOP $12


Courvoisier XO $28


Grand Marnier $13


H by Hine VSOP $12

Martell VS $10


Remy Martin Carte Blanc $45

Congac et al

Fine Port

Dows 10yr $10

Dows 20yr $17

Graham’s 10yr $10

Graham’s 20yr $17

Taylor Fladgate 20yr $11

Fine Port

Coffee from the Bar

Irish Coffee $9

Baily’s Cream coffee $8

Bavarian Coffee $9

Disaronno Coffee $8

Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee $9

Coffee from the Bar
Make the Bartender Angry

Drinks that will make the Bartender Angry

(If you please, no exceptions

or additions to these fine libations)

Grasshopper $14

Crème de menthe-White Crème de Cacao-

House vanilla bean ice cream


Brandy alexander $14

Courvoisier VS- Dark Crème de Cacao-

House Vanilla bean ice cream


Vanil Milkshake $14

Stoli Vanil-Godiva White-Kahlua

House vanilla Bean ice cream


Coconut Cream $14

White Crème de cacao-Appleton Rum-

Coconut squeeze-House vanilla Bean ice cream

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